Jamie Usas, interview excerpt:

“I have to do it because I go a little batty, get a little weird, because I find you end up with all these ideas, and all these situations you want to explore, and if you don't have a medium, or some sort of process, to explore then through, you end up becoming frustrated, or I end up being frustrated by it, and I can't explain the compulsion, other than that, I've never really given it much thought. I'm just obsessed, sometimes, obsessed, with self-expression.” 

“That sounds so narcissistic, but I think that's what it is, I mean I think it could be a healthy obsession. I mean I haven't experienced anything absolutely negative that was directly related to that obsession, (laughs) or that compulsion. But it definitely manifests itself as an obsession.” 

“The compulsion becomes obsession. But the process is always energizing. It's almost like a smaller path off a main road, and you're traveling down the main road. You see other people darting off onto these other paths, and you see one, that nobody else is on, and it just calls to you, and you think: that is my path. There is a compulsion to check out what's down that path, and explore it, and as soon as you get on it there's a magnetism, an energy, a flow.” 

“Eventually you'll come back to the main road, but the most exciting part of the process is all the exploration that you do, the self-exploration, the global exploration, the social exploration while you're traveling on that vein that comes off the main artery.”Interview_25_Lee_Towndrow.html
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